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Welcome to Washington Parents Network

Welcome to Washington Parents Network! Our goal is to protect your fundamental right as a parent to direct the upbringing and education of your child - and to protect your child’s right to have a caring and trusting relationship with you as their parent. We believe that the parent -child relationship is essential to a child’s healthy development.


We believe that every child is unique and no one knows or loves a child more than his or her own parents. We believe that parents are the best protectors of children and that parents have a natural right and duty for the care, custody, and control for their children. We believe that no one is better able to make decisions in the best interest of their child than their parents.


We believe young children often engage in magic thinking and are not capable of making serious lifelong decisions without guidance from their parents.


We believe that brain washing young children into thinking they can magically change their sex is a monstrous form of child abuse which can permanently harm a child’s ability to have a happy life.


Our mission is to protect children from those who would destroy their innocence and exploit them for their own radical political agenda.


We believe that the best way to protect children from this state-imposed child abuse is to educate parents about the danger of current Washington State policies that encourage children to change their gender without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Sadly, the two greatest threats to Parents Rights in our state are the current Superintendent of Public Instruction and the current Washington State legislature.


While the legislature recently passed the Parents Rights Initiative, they did so only to give themselves the ability to “fix” (destroy) the Parents Rights Initiative in 2025. In the meantime, State Superintendent Chris Reykdal has ordered school districts to ignore the Parents Rights Initiative.

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It is now clear that the only way we will be able to restore Parents Rights in Washington state is by organizing parents and building a political movement capable of winning elections so we can replace both Chris Reykdal and the current legislature.


To help educate and organize parents, we have written a series of reports on harms currently being inflicted on our children by our current State Superintendent. We hope you will take the time to read these reports and share them with other parents and concerned citizens – either by sharing the links to these web pages or by downloading and sharing the PDF versions of these reports.

Here is a list of our first four reports:

Report #1: Why Promoting Gender Mutilation is Child Abuse

Report #2: Why Males should not be allowed to take over girls sports

Report #3: Fixing the School Funding Crisis

Report #4: Restoring Local Control of our Schools

You can download any of these reports by clicking on FREE DOWNLOADS in the top menu. We have also created videos of each of these reports which you can watch by clicking on VIDEOS in the top menu.

How to protect our kids from state -sponsored child abuse

Forcing Kindergartners to use gender pronouns that do not match the biological sex of a person is more than just confusing. It is child abuse in that it is the first step that might send a vulnerable child down an extremely dark path. Even worse, telling children that they should not trust their parents and that they should even lie to their parents is certain to damage their essential relationship with their parent. It is time to end the abuse of our children! Truth is power and it is time to expose the lies Reykdal has been telling us about what is happening in our public schools.


Our first and most important task is to replace Chris Reykdal with a State Superintendent who understands the importance of parents rights and local control of our schools. Our second goal is to elect State legislators who pledge to support parents rights and local control of our schools. Our third goal is to elect and support School Board Directors who support parents rights and local control of our schools.



Four Steps to organize parents so we can protect our kids from state -sponsored child abuse

If you agree that it is time to build a political movement capable of winning elections so we can replace Chris Reykdal and the current anti-parent legislature, then please consider taking one or more of the following steps:

Step #1: Sign up for our newsletter to get once a week updates on our coming events.

Step #2: Help spread the word by sharing this website with other parents, grandparents, school board members and concerned citizens. Our goal is to organize parents and school board members in every school district in Washington state.

Step #3: Attend one or more of our weekly online video conference organizing meetings – on Sundays from 3 to 4 pm. The purpose of these meetings is to meet and build relationships with others in our state who want to take action on restoring parents rights and protecting our children from state-sponsored child abuse. Our goal is to grow our weekly video conference meetings large enough to add regional or county meetings from 4 to 5 pm and eventually have legislative district meetings from 5 to 6 pm and school district meetings from 6 to 7 pm. For a link to our next online meeting, send an email to David at Washington Parents Network dot com with your name and the county you live in.

Step #4: Organize a Washington Parents Network meeting in your community to help educate and organize local parents to end this horrible abuse of our kids. We will be traveling around Washington state to answer questions about this danger and to train local leaders on why and how to restore parents rights to raise their children. If you are a member of a county organization, legislative district organization, church or local community group, send us an email and we will find a date and time to arrange an in-person meeting with your group.


As always, I look forward to your questions and comments – and I look forward to meeting you!


David Spring M. Ed.

David at Washington Parents Network dot com