Resolution Opposing School Clinics Giving Gender Mutilation Drugs to Minors

Whereas School based health clinics (SBHCs) are tax payer funded medical clinics placed inside of schools in order to give gender mutilation drugs to minors without the consent or knowledge of their parents, and

Whereas the number of School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) in Washington State has more than doubled from under 30 in 2019 to more than 70 in 2024 – now located in more than 30 school districts, and

Whereas long-standing State and federal parental notification laws are bypassed because the employees of the SBHC are not technically employees of the school district, and

Whereas the danger of SBHCs is that parents and students can be misled into thinking that the SBHC is a part of the school when it is in fact a separate business, and

Whereas parents may not know that students can receive experimental and even dangerous gender mutilation drugs at an SBHC without parents knowledge or consent, and

Whereas advocates of Gender Mutilation drugs (also called Gender Affirming Care) claim that giving kids gender drugs saves lives and reduces the suicide rate when fact, giving kids gender drugs is known to cost lives and increase the suicide rate, and

Whereas advocates of SBHCs claim they lower health care costs when in fact SBHCs have dramatically increased health care costs for minors as dangerous gender mutilation drugs can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per child, and

Whereas more than 25 states and several nations have banned giving gender mutilation drugs to minors.

Therefore, be it resolved that we oppose locating SBHCs in schools here in Washington State and we ask our state legislature to join other states in passing a law banning giving minors gender mutilation drugs.

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For additional information, visit Washington Parents